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Skärbräda härdat glas
417*225 mm
Passar t ex BLANCO Axia 9 E

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Important advise for the care of BLANCO glass cutting board, made from toughened safety glass.
Congratulations you have purchased a BLANCO sink accessory. A custom made glass cutting board.
This glass cutting board is optimaly harmonised with your sink.
Please pay attention to following points:
• The glass cutting board is designed to locate and transverse across the BLANCO sink. Avoid unnecessary
lateral loading, which will inhibit smooth action and may result in damage.
• The glass cutting board is made of safety glass. This provides greater impact resistance and higher thermal
shock than untreated glass products.
• If accidentally destroyed, the safety glass cutting board breaks is made to shatter into small manageable
fragments, avoiding large dangerous shards of glass.
• Please treat the glass cutting board with care and respect. Avoid impact damage to the edges as small
cracks in the glass will severely limit the boards strength and integrity.
• The glass cutting board is not suitable for use at temperatures below 0°C (32°F) and above 100°C (212°F).
The cutting board should not therefore be used in conditions, which expose the board to extremes in temperature.
• Avoid placing hot pans on the surface microwave ovens, cooker tops and also use in the freezer.
• Avoid placing stoneware and heavy ceramic kitchenware on the glass board as surface damage cannot be
• Maintain daily by cleaning with warm soap and water. Stubborn surface deposits should be scraped off and
cleaned afterwards with a mild abrasive cream cleaner, i.e. Cif, Jif.
• The glas cutting board is suitable for dishwashing machines up to 90°C/194°F.
• Do not use aggressive cleaning agents for example spray glass and oven cleaners.
Please observe these care instructions. Normal ware and accidental damage is excluded from manufacturer’s liability